From 1984 onwards, the company was
exclusively dedicated to decoration and
lighting articles.

The Company We began working with brass, copper and other metals in 1981. From 1984 onwards, the company was exclusively dedicated to decoration and lighting articles. Accordingly, we established and developed a highly qualified group of experienced and skilled professionals. Some are of an age that would not be acceptable in other companies, but we invested in them in the certainty that they had a lot to teach us. The investment paid off and we have formed a team that can be proud of the fact that the quality of its products is recognized. Three decades later, we are proud to be present in some of the most emblematic public and private spaces in Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Russia, USA, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey,and many  others.

Our Products We have essentially dedicated ourselves to the production of lighting articles. Ceiling lights, table lights, floor lamps, wall lamps. Everything that we produce is in accordance with Community Norms and is accompanied by the respective EC Declaration of Conformity.

We can provide all our items in any RALL colour to your choice.
Recently we started manufacturing a bathroom article collection, which will be available soon on our website.
We can also customize the client ideas, almost everything a client asks us with a design, a sketch or simply an idea, that our experience can transform into reality.

Our Clients Our clients, who are very often also our friends – having been with us for twenty five years, are in the best position to speak for us. They include decoration shops, decorators, hotels, restaurants, bars and government buildings. Our clients can be certain that when they entrust us with a project they will be served within the deadlines and under the conditions agreed, a pledge that we have never failed to meet. We consider this to be a point of honour and a source of pride. We will gladly supply new clients with any information concerning past projects so that they can confirm the quality of our work.